Friday 3 February 2023

Semet Solvay Tank Car

 I started this Yarmouth Model Works Kit when I learned of my friend and fellow modeller Bill Welch's cancer diagnosis. Bill did a bunch of the Pattern work on this kit.  While he was undergoing treatment in the hospital he asked for pictures of what others were working on to help pass the time.  I sent a long a few progress shots, but Bill left us before I was finished. 

 This was a fun build and my first resin tank car. I spent a significant amount of time doing the brake plumbing on this car to match all the interesting features of the Prototype.  I brought it to the Coco Breach RPM this past January, where another modeller complemented me on my effort by saying it was a really clean build.  I was happy to hear this, as I strived to assemble this as if Bill had built it himself. Bill's work was always top notch. 

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