First time here?

 If this is your first time here...welcome aboard.

 The South Paris Switcher is my attempt to research and create a model railway of Grand Trunk's,  New England Line to Portland Maine, circa 1955.  The Grand Trunk was a US subsidiary of the Canadian National Railway.

 Layout Construction has yet to start. As of April 2018 the layout space has been finished and track planing and bench work design are underway.

 You will find posts regarding the modelling of rolling stock for the Grand Trunk New England Lines.   While I plan the new layout and prep the new space,  I have been building the necessary rolling stock.

I hope you find your time here useful and enjoyable.


  1. Happy to follow your progress! I'm modeling the line from South Paris to Groveton, NH in N scale.

    1. Hi Geof,

      Thanks for visiting and I’m looking forward to seeing your progress on your blog.


  2. Hello: It was a pleasure meeting you at RPM Lisle. Are you going to post the tool presentation you made? Hopefully soon! It was a great presentation and highlighted some very useful tools whose names I have already forgotten! Thanks, Bjarne