Sunday, 21 April 2019

Decal Hot Tub....?

 I find applying decals easier if I use warm to hot water rather than cold.  The adhesive lossens much faster with the warm to hot water.  I would say somewhere around 75 degrees Celsius.

 It can get cold in the basement during the winter months in Canada.  Getting up every few minutes to refresh the warm water in my water bowl was getting old.  I looked for a solution such as a scientific hot water bath.  All I could find was fancy ones that cost $500 bucks or more.

 So I asked my better half if she had any ideas and not to my surprise, she had the answer right away.

 A mug warmer...  Apparently mug warmers are a thing.  In less than five minutes she had one on order from Amazon Prime and I got it the next day for the high price of $9.96 CAD.   It works great.  Here is a link.  Bonus, the price is now $9.74CAD...

My wife calls it the "Decal Hot Tub Time Machine" since I model the 1950's....

Now back to those decals....

Salton SMW12 Mug Warmer, White


  1. I found out some time back that "candle warmers" are a thing too. Imagine, buying a candle, but not burning it. ;) Anyway, same principle: consistent, low heat.


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