Wednesday 5 December 2018

CN 1929-1931 built Single Sheathed Boxcars

   My latest project is two, CN Single Sheathed Boxcars.  These were built by CC&F, NSC and Eastern Car between 1929-1931.  Over 9000 cars were constructed with both wood and steel doors.

  The cars are built similar to the ARA Alternate Standard Design of 1924.  For further reading, I recommend Ted Culotta's Essential Freight Cars #8, in the November 2003 issue of RMC and Stafford Swain's article in the June 1994 issue of Rail Model Journal.

Photo found on the Internet photographer unknown.

 I started with Kits from Sylvan Scale Models but these are also offered by Kaslo, and F&C. I assembled the kits per the instructions, with upgrades to the brake rigging, ladders and lower door tracks.  The wood doors in the kit are incorrect for the prototype, but the steel doors provided are correct. I dislike using resin door tracks, they seam to always warp and easily break.

  I constructed new door tracks by combining stand offs made from strip styrene and tracks made from 0.006" phosphor bronze strip. Trucks are Dalman Two Level from Tahoe Model Works. I replaced the kit supplied ladders with offerings from DesPlaines Hobbies, their 8 rung version with attached stirrup.

  The car was painted with True Color CN freight car brown. The decals are from Black Cat and the chalk marks are from Speedwitch Media. Weathering is a combination of an oil wash, Prisma Colour pencils and Pan Pastels.

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