Monday, 9 April 2018

RS10/18's for Sale

This past weekend, I spent Sunday at the Lake Shore Model Rail flea market in Mississauga, to sell a bunch of stuff I no longer had any use for.  I sold almost everything I brought...Yea!!

It was a long day but I was with my friends Dan and Stephen so I had some great company.

After getting home and further thinking I have decided to sell a few more pieces that I was going to hold onto, because I was still considering modelling two eras on the new layout..1954 and 1966.

 I 've decided to just stick with 1954 and forget about the 1966 idea.  I would rather put the money to purchasing the required Steam locomotives I need.  So the stuff I didn't bring is for sale. (The really good stuff)

 I have 1 Proto 1000 RS-18 and 3 Proto 1000 RS-10's all DC power.

 I also have some CN freight cars that I didn't sell at the show.  Seamed like only CP modellers showed up.

Pictures are below with prices and descriptions.  Please email me if your interested.

ryan (dot) mendell (at)

 I have a Paypal account and I won't be trying to make any money on shipping.  I just want them to go to someone, who really can use them..Or just really wants them...!  Prices do not include shipping.

Serious inquires only I have no time to deal with cheap skates.  I will wait one week and then they go up on Ebay.  The last RS18 I saw went for over $200 US on Ebay.  Prices are Canadian dollars.

CN 3617 RS-18 Brand New in box never run.
Price $160

CP RS-10 Brand New in Box never Run
Block Lettering Steam Generater Equiped
Price $160

CP 8575 RS-10 Used but not by me.  Missing Sunshades. Everything else looks fine.
Block Lettering Steam Generator Equipped
Price $110

CP RS-10 Used but not by me.  No box and its missing the parts bag which has the end railings, shades and grabs in it.
Multimark lettering.
Price $50 as is and I will include end railings from my parts stash.
(I think they are Kato end railings and look very close to the Proto ones except the step doesn't fold down.)
If you want I will custom make wire grabs, install and paint them for an additional $30.

CN Slab Sides #'s 135628 and 135600
1960 build dates with Round hatches
Price $35 ea or $60 for both.

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